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Identity Wars


Ebens, Adrian

ISBN-13: 9781572586680

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Table of Contents

Section 1. The Two Kingdoms – Identity Lost

1. The Duracell Tree
2. The Fountain of Life
3. Near to the Heart of God
4. The Family Kingdom
5. Family Crisis
6. Hell on Earth
7. Heaven’s Lifeline
8. Comparing the Two Kingdoms
9. The Heart of Babylon

Section 2. One Destiny – Identity Reclaimed

10. Breaking the Chains of the Duracell
11. Opening the Gates of Heaven

Section 3. The Journey Back to Sonship

12. Life Powered by the Duracell
13. Stairway to Heaven
14. Same Gods, Different Names
15. How Do You Read
16. No Longer a Servant
17. The Fall of Babylon

Book Description

Identity Wars is a journey of self discovery. It's an invitation to learn your value in a purely relational context.

Our lives are bombarded with a constant drone of messages telling us that success only comes from proving to ourselves and the world that we have what it takes, that we have the right stuff. It is a system that teaches us to only feel valuable and important when we achieve and perform to a certain standard.

The results of this system are in and the evidence is not good. Millions are depressed and 100's of people a day ending their lives in despair.

I invite you to learn the true nature of the war we are in - an identity war of what defines our value and worth. The stakes are high because it is life and death. This book contains my journey and the principles I learnt along the way. Freedom is a relative thing but this book documents my road to freedom.

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