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So Bright My Shimmering Star


Worley-Heard, Debere

ISBN-13: 9781572585485

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Table of Contents

The Party Girl: Finding My Spirit
The Perfect Girl: Then and Now
I Love My Real World Life as a Little Girl During the 1950s
My Star Flickers and Shines Bright – Boy or Girl or Both?
I am so Truly Black and White
My Wonderful Mom
Flight 911: Saving The World, Pass it Forward
Learning to Conquer Social Love and Fear: Inside and Outside at the Dinner Dance
Poetic Memoirs of a Geisha
Life is a Rainbow
New Vision: Now My Life Torch Is Ever So Brightly Shimmering

Book Description

My shimmering star was bright. I loved my youth. As a child and young adult, I adored my family, my parents, and my friends. They were the shimmering stars that shone so bright for me. I became an elementary school teacher and dearly loved my school kids. Then, my personal star faded out in a mid-life crisis as I sank into a pit of despair. Still, my star was not extinct. I had to climb out of my “Grand Canyon” to rediscover myself, redefine myself, and renew my eternal love for people and life. Now, I have new vision. Now, my life torch is ever-so brightly shimmering. I thank my friends, my mentors, and my family who encouraged me to not give up; but to let my star shine once again. I love you all, and know that you are the ones who truly “Light Up My Life.” I will never forget you.
“So Bright My Shimmering Star” is a magnificent read, and makes a wonderful gift for adults of all ages.

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