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Life Matters


Ebens, Adrian

ISBN-13: 9781572586703

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Building a Family Treasure
Chapter 2 Life Source Systems
    a. Western Christian Thought
    b. Eastern Thought
    c. Scientific Thought
    d. Comparing Life Source Models
    e. Impact of Life Source Views on Relationships and Value Systems
      i. Potential Impacts of Believing Man is Inherently Divine (Model 1)
      ii. Potential Impacts of Believing Man has Gifted Immortality (Model 2)
      iii. Potential Impacts of Believing Man is Mortal (Model 3)
Chapter 3 A Bible View of Life Source
Chapter 4 Connecting to and Maintaining Relationship with the Life Source
    a. Submission: The Key Principle
    b. The Vital Example of Submission: Christ
    c. Secondary Examples of Submission
      i. Husband and Wife Relationship (Space Example)
      ii. The Tree of Life (Space Example)
      iii. River System (Space Example)
      iv. The Sabbath (Time Example)
Chapter 5 Receiving Value Through the Life Source
    a. The Glory of Children is Their Father
    b. My Beloved Son
    c. The Blessing
Chapter 6 Developing the Life Source – Seed and Nurture Principles
    a. The Vital Female Role of Nurturing Submission
    b. The Defining of Equality
Chapter 7 The Origin of Inherent Life Source Models
    a. The Tree of Knowledge
    b. The Serpent’s Origins
    c. The Rejection of Wisdom
    d. Why Was Satan Allowed to Live?
    e. The Creation of Mankind Provides Answers for the Angels
    f. Humanity Embraces the Inherent Life Source System
Chapter 8 The Origin and Impact of Performance Based Value Systems
    a. The Origin of Worthlessness
    b. Impact of Inherent Life System Model on Family Relationships and Structure
Chapter 9 Blessed Enmity
    a. The Extent of the Problem
    b. The Solution
Chapter 10 The Development of the Two Life Source Systems
    a. The Rise of the Tyrant
    b. Ham Develops the Seed of Babylon
    c. The Spiritual Foundations of Babylon
    d. The Calling of Abraham and the Recovering of the Family System
    e. The Lesson of Sodom
Chapter 11 Underlying Belief Systems of the Two Kingdoms
    a. Faith versus Fear
    b. Family Focus versus Individual Focus
    c. Worship as Expressed Through the Sabbath versus Sun-day
    d. Resurrection versus Immortality
Chapter 12 Trials and Triumphs of God’s Earthly Family in Genesis
    a. The Challenge of Association and Environment
    b. The Test of Riches
    c. The Test of Marriage – Headship and Submission
      i. Abraham’s First Failure in Egypt Causes Vulnerability in Sarah
      ii. Abraham’s Second Failure in Hearkening to the Voice of Sarah
    d. God Teaches Abraham Concerning the Vital Nature of Family Structure
    e. The Birthright to Bless
Chapter 13 The Channel of Blessing Lost and Restored Through Egyptian Pilgrimage
    a. God Seeks to Reach the Egyptians and Test the Israelites
    b. Egypt and Israel Seduced by Blessings of Wealth and Prosperity
    c. The Lie of Inherent Power Produces Insecurity in Egypt and the Need for Control and Achievement
    d. Pharaoh Undermines the Channel of Blessing to Israel
    e. The Deliverer – The Call of Moses to the Prophetic Office
    f. The Plagues of Egypt – Reveal the Lie of Inherent Power in Nature
    g. Israel Delivered and the Channel of Blessing Restored
Chapter 14 The Protection of the Channel of Blessing
    a. Clear Identity Roles are Vital
    b. The Ten Commandments Define Identity of God and Man
    c. The Ten Commandments Twisted by the Lie of the Serpent
Chapter 15 The Journey from Tables of Stone to the Tables of the Heart
    a. The Desolating Effects of the Serpent’s Lie
    b. The Sanctuary System
    c. The Journey is a Love Story
Chapter 16 A Highway in the Desert
    a. The Mountains and the Valleys
    b. Breaking the Cycle
    c. Clinging to Sonship by Faith
    d. His Victory is Ours
Chapter 17 Give Us a King, Like the Other Nations
    a. Detailed Instructions to Protect the Family Structure
    b. Israel Turns Away From God
    c. Israel Enshrines the Inherent Power Belief System
    d. The Kings of Israel
Chapter 18 The Rise and Tyranny of World Empire
    a. The Battle Between the Two Seeds, Two Women, Two Cities
    b. Satan’s Seed Rules the World
    c. Messiah the Prince Comes to His People
Chapter 19 The Greatest Teacher the World Has Ever Seen
    a. Delivering the Captives
    b. Re-establishing the Channel of Blessing
    c. Re-establishing the Law – The Channel Protector
    d. Re-establishing the True God as Father
    e. Re-establishing the Correct View of the Sabbath
    f. Re-establishing Submission Principles
    g. Re-establishing the True Purpose of the Sanctuary
    h. Re-establishing the Truth about Death and Life Only in Christ
    i. Re-establishing the True Nature and Purpose of Prayer
    j. Re-establishing the Dignity of Women
Chapter 20 Transition to the Invisible
    a. Relationships are Invisible
    b. The Serpent’s Lie Shifts Focus to the Visible
    c. The Journey Towards the Invisible
    d. Satan Seeks to Shut the Door to the Invisible
    e. The Followers of Christ Make the Shift from Earthly Symbols to Heavenly Realities
Chapter 21 The Heavenly Sanctuary and Work of Jesus Trodden Under Foot
    a. The Priestly Ministry of Jesus in Heaven
    b. The Spiritualization of Rome
    c. Attack on the Heavenly Sanctuary
    d. The Horn Power Attacks the Family Kingdom
    e. Plagues of Judgment Sent to Release the Woman
Chapter 22 The Gathering of Israel the Second Time – Rise of the Advent Movement and The Elijah Message
    a. The Reformation Starts Recovery of the Invisible View
    b. The Scattering, Indignation and Gathering of God’s People
    c. The Rise of the Advent Movement
      i. Restoration of the Heavenly Sanctuary
      ii. Restoration of the Law of God
      iii. Restoration of the Sabbath
      iv. Restoration of the State of the Dead and Second Coming
      v. Restoration of the Father and Son Relationship
    d. A Solid Platform
Chapter 23 The Marriage in the Most Holy Place – The Judgment
    a. The Marriage Fully Opens the Channel
    b. Many Reject the Wedding Invitation
    c. An Investigation of Worthiness
Chapter 24 The Last Day War on the Family – the Remnant of God’s Family Kingdom
    a. Family Unit versus the New World Order
    b. The Orchestrated Demolition of the Family
      i. The Education Revolution
      ii. The Music Revolution
      iii. The Feminist Revolution
Chapter 25 The Return of Elijah
    a. Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers
    b. The Three Angel’s Messages
    c. The Revelation of the Father in the Flames of Hell
Chapter 26 Family Reunion – The Second Coming (The Stone)
    a. The Manner of Jesus’ Return
      i. A Visible Event
      ii. A Glorious Event
      iii. A World Changing Event
    b. God Claims His Faithful Children
    c. God’s Children Permanently Connected to the Life Source
Chapter 27 Living in God’s Family Kingdom in the Last Days
    a. The Husband and Wife Relationship
      i. The Husband and Father
      ii. The Wife and Mother
    b. Special Blessing Times and Events
      i. Conception and Pregnancy
      ii. Birth
      iii. Toddler and Early Years
      iv. Adolescence
      v. Adulthood
      vi. Marriage
      vii. Grandchildren
    c. Country Living
    d. A Treasure of Family Memories
Appendix A William Miller’s Rules of Interpretation

Book Description

I have often found myself chasing this treasure of memories. I recently traveled to a place I lived when I was a child and I just soaked up the sights and the sounds, visited my old home and relived the memories. Memories of Dad and Mum, my sister and I, sitting around the lounge, memories of going running with my Dad, memories of playing with my friends in the creek, climbing trees and riding bikes. I know that the memories are slightly ‘rose glass tinted’ and there is an incredibly strong bias to only remember the good times, but it feels so good and satisfying.

Building and protecting this kind of treasure safeguards the health of communities and gives hope to generations yet to emerge. The treasures of love and affection, sweet memories laid down in family rituals and experiences are the fabric of life. Without this treasure, life has no heart and soul and is reduced to the drudgery of survival. Without a series of warm memories connected to special relationships – life is meaningless. No person can centre and stablise themselves without some place they can point to with warmth and call home.

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