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Griffin, Stuart

ISBN-13: 9781572587106

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Table of Contents

Chapter One The Scare of His Life
Chapter Two The Lack of Unity
Chapter Three An Unexpected Answer
Chapter Four A Short Delay
Chapter Five The Escape
Chapter Six Perfect Timing
Chapter Seven Like Brothers
Chapter Eight The Measure of a Man
Chapter Nine The Trail Home
Chapter Ten Life’s Second Chance

Book Description

“Lord, how am I ever going to find her?” Will cried out in anguish. “Why is this happening to me? How could my sweet Emma be gone, kidnapped by who knows who? Please lead me and guide me. Help me to find her and bring her home.”

Will Jacobs’ life changed in an instant when men kidnapped his wife from their home. But that earth-shattering moment was only the beginning of his trials. As he raced north in search of his wife, he faced challenges, unforeseen setbacks, and heartache. Emma, too, knew life never would be the same after her kidnappers robbed her of her sense of security and peace in Stone Ridge. Had her secret past caught up with her? She could only speculate as her kidnappers took her away from everything she knew and loved.

But Will and Emma were not alone. Even though they were separated by hundreds of miles, God was with them each step of the way, guiding their course, placing people in their paths, and intervening in countless situations. Although God was beside them, could they hold on to His hand through the darkest time of their lives? Read Northbound, a historical narrative, and discover how Will and Emma survived their test of faith—a faith in each other and God.

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