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Muriel Remembers


McDonald, Muriel

ISBN-13: 9781572586482

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 My Brother
Chapter 2 The Indian Feast
Chapter 3 My Little Friend
Chapter 4 Great Grandma’s Mittens
Chapter 5 Punch and Judy
Chapter 6 The Spinning Song
Chapter 7 Dad’s Bicycle
Chapter 8 The Good Deed
Chapter 9 My First Baseball Bat
Chapter 10 The Guest

Book Description

An adoring older brother who loved nature and raised his own raccoons. A musically gifted father who showed her what love is and pointed her to her heavenly Father. A best friend with no grandparents of her own. These are just a few of the stories Muriel McDonald has penned in her book Muriel Remembers.

Journey back in time with Muriel to her childhood and get a glimpse of some of the moments in her formative years that left an impression on her that carried her into adulthood.

As things of this world pass away, memories are a cherished gift from the past. That is why Muriel took the time to write down these memories and share them with you.

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