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The Divine Pattern


Ebens, Adrian

ISBN-13: 9781572587489

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Table of Contents

Section 1. Foundations of the Divine Pattern
    1. The Divine Pattern
    2. The Fountain in the Law
    3. The Threefold Cord
    4. Blessing and Cursing
Section 2. The Divine Pattern When Leaders Fail
    5. Responding to Apostasy
    6. Identifying the Church
    7. Resting in the Channel
    8. The Mantle for Confrontation
    9. Making an Appeal
    10. Standing Alone
Section 3. Consequences of Rejecting the Divine Pattern
    11. Protection of Our Kinsman Redeemer
    12. Samson’s Blindness
Section 4. Receiving Blessing Through a Corrupt Channel
    13. Hannah’s Sterling Example
    14. Abigail’s Sweet Fragrance of Submission
    15. Man After God’s Own Heart
Section 5. Sanctified Through the Divine Pattern
    16. Unmasking the Abominable Desolator
    17. The Cornerstone
    18. Sabbath Sealing
    19. A Mighty Angel
Appendix A & B

Book Description

The Divine pattern touches every aspect of our lives and holds the key to joy, peace and harmony within our marriages, communities, churches and all social structures within our world.
In the relationship between God and His Son, we behold the key to this divine pattern. The more and more we behold them, love them and pattern our lives after them, the more receptive we become to their channel of blessing in our lives.
Before this world began, Satan and his angels moved to obscure the divine pattern and replace it with a counterfeit that would break the circuit of God’s boundless love and bring untold misery to the world.
Uncover this deceptive counterfeit and see, in the great original divine pattern the key for returning our church to the worship of God and His Son. 

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