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Fill My Cup, Lord


Walton, Marian Kay

ISBN-13: 9781572588554

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Table of Contents

An Invitation
More Memory
Memory and Meaning
Let’s Learn
My Sanctuary
Written on the Heart
The Struggle
We Believe

Sabbath Delight
Jesus, the Son of God
By His Spirit
Holy, Holy, Holy
The Mysteries of the Kingdom
The Father
There Is a Bridge to Heaven
Our Part
The Lord’s Baptism
The Word
The Final Sleep
The Spirituality of the Law
Listening to Prophecy
Dangerous Delusions—The World’s Mark of Authority
The Church—God’s Family
About His Business
The Blood of the Eternal Covenant

Assurance for This Time

Don’t be Afraid
The Feast
Deep Need
He Will Save Our Children
Wait on the Lord
The Cup of Youth
Free at Last
From Sorrow to Song
His Fountain, Our Foundation
Spiritual Gifts

Teach Me to Pray

Rags to Riches
Words to Speak
For Children and Others
Fiery Darts
From Trial to Victory
Come Boldly and Seek His Will
Yield to Hope
The Human Condition
A Heavenly Place—The Sanctuary
Evening, Morning, and Noon
Ask for Answers
Not My Strength But Yours

Healing Our Hearts

The Great Physician
His Side
Carry His Cross for Others to See
Your Hand Upon Me
Doubt Is Death; Belief Is Life
The Promise of Bread
The Lord Is My Portion
A Heart for Others
King of the Eternal
Prepare to be Simple
His Voice
The Miracle of Nature
Born to Belong

The True Witness

The Great Controversy
Marriage and the Family
The Kingdom of Heaven
Sow Truths as the Gardener
His Will: I Surrender All
Seek Those Living Without God
The Robe

His Word, My Well-Being

The Sanctuary
The Word of God
The Human Condition
Christ Our Leader
The Church and Its Mission
The Family
The Spirituality of the Law
Dangerous Delusions
Clothed for Eternity
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Book Description

The Bible is a textbook for life. It is the most realistic book ever written. Filled with every nuance of human emotion and experience, it stands as a monument to God's interest in humanity's plight. With this in mind we may eagerly read through its pages without disappointment. The sweet fragrances of truth, love and courage will begin to unfold in our own personal story as they did in the life of Jesus. But if we are to be fully like Jesus, we need to immerse ourselves in the Word. When Jesus was on this earth, He communed with His Father through the Scriptures. Jesus filled His cup daily with God's Word going forward to set the captives free. He spoke as no other man had spoken, with the authority of The Almighty God. The Lord's prayer was that this would be our experience also. Jesus used the Word of God for wisdom to minister to every need and teach the people God's truths.
Fill My Cup, Lord provides readers with information about how the brain functions, how we learn, and how memorizing scripture may be a devotional experience. The main part of the book provides readers with scripture messages. These are divided into five categories; We Believe, Assurances for This Time, Teach Me to Pray, Heal Beginning with the Heart and The True Witness. The author wrote this book as a personal resource to strengthen her walk with Christ, to experience the joy of the Lord's company throughout the day. Her prayer is that it will also help other thirsting souls.

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