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False Tongues of Fire: A Personal Testimony


Jewell, Betty

ISBN-13: 9781479602261

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In the 1950s, at age twenty-eight and the mother of three small children, Betty Jewell was living far from her family and was lonely. Her search for companionship led her to a family who embraced her and treated her like a daughter. This family introduced her to their Pentecostal religion and urged her to seek the ability to speak in tongues, for they told her it was of God. Little did she realize she was walking into Satan's lair.

One day Betty finally followed the directions of her friend and chanted “Praise God” repeatedly in an effort to be filled with “the Spirit.” Suddenly gibberish poured forth from her lips. She was “speaking” in tongues, which she believed would draw her closer to God. Unfortunately, she was slipping further away from the truth and further into the devil's delusions. Satan was now controlling her mind and speaking through her!

False Tongues of Fire is the powerful life story of Betty Jewell—her struggle with the devil, the mental torture she dealt with, the victory she received through the grace of God, the restoration of a sound mind, and the truths she learned about from the Seventh-day Adventist Church!

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