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Mother's Song, A


Scott-Elliott, Trudean

ISBN-13: 9781479606559

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“NO!” I screamed, as I raced to her bedside… I begged her to open her beautiful gray eyes and called on Jesus for a Jairus or Lazarus miracle.

Why is God allowing this to happen to me? How can I trust God through the pain? What are God’s promises for my life?

Join Trudean Scott-Elliot and learn the answers to these questions as she speaks from her personal experiences as a wife, mother, and child of God dealing with grief and grim circumstances. Through the careful study of God’s Word, learn what God’s promises are for you and how to navigate through the stages of grief, at your own pace, all while walking with Him and holding onto His hand. As the author says: “A mother’s pain is not strange to the heart of God. Pain is pain, especially this kind. Whatever it is for you, there is a need to share the hurt and be held during whatever you are going through. Understanding helps to bring healing.”

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