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Constitution is Born, A (Paperback)


Swanson, Norma & Aud, Barbara

ISBN-13: 9781479606450

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Now, as never before, basic knowledge of our governmental heritage is essential if we want to be empowered to keep elected officials accountable and defeat the forces that would destroy our freedoms. The truths of the Constitution must be embedded in our hearts—(not blocked out by social media or minds captured by electronic devices) as it is the only way to a guarantee of freedom. Since the celebration of the 200th anniversary of our Constitution, all three departments of government have, to a large degree, ignored the Constitution. Neglect of the principles contained in our Constitution has been responsible for the loss of many of the freedoms it guaranteed.

A Constitution is Born was written to be a clarion call, loud and clear, for renewed patriotism, a love for country and above all a realization that our direction comes from God, not from man, and we are responsible to Him, our Maker. This brief history of the U.S. Constitution with relevant information is to be a sword of the Lord, piercing the heart and soul, invoking action to carry out His plan as He makes it known to us. Our continuing prayer is that this book will find a special place in the hearts of Americans and that they will read it to their children to provide insight and understanding as to what it means to be a free, courageous American with increased faith in our God who has brought us this far.



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