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Perfecting and Reforming Personal Religion


Jackson, Linwood Jr.

ISBN-13: 9781479607587

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This book uses the analogy of physical food and health to counsel on spiritual dietary remedies. It tells that the way to ensure quality spiritual health is to consume quality spiritual food. Just as eating junk food harms the physical body, exposing oneself to spiritual junk food will harm the spiritual life. It is our responsibility to privately sit with Him who holds the regimen of our diet, to execute what is learned and digested for a sober and temperate mind and character.

It is critical to spiritual health to feed upon the Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us. Since we don't like to miss a meal, should we miss any spiritual meal from His table? We are counseled to sit and sup with Him daily. To consume the Word is to bring health into our spiritual bodies by regularly studying the written mind of God, by praying, and by fasting from self, choosing to focus our best thoughts on executing His instruction. We must strive to become more godly in manner of worship and service.



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