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God's Vision


Levine, Karen R

ISBN-13: 9781479606580

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In God's Vision, author K.R. Levine's life takes her from the comfort of her childhood home in Jamaica with her loving, pious, grandmother, and religious aunt to a journey across the sea. America's promise was darkened by a failing marriage, and an unhappy home. An emergency C-section suddenly left her fighting for her life with a mysterious illness that confounded her doctors. It was during this dark period, in the hospital, that she received a vision from God. She wrote this book to share this vision-hoping that the faith of the believer would be strengthened. She is hoping that the non-believer will discover that God is a living, awesome, loving being. He loves us more than we can ever imagine.
She acknowledges the spiritual faithfulness and Biblical institutions of her grandmother and aunt which helped shaped her life. An early relationship with God enabled a reliance on "faith" while learning what was happening in the hospital. She identified with the struggles of Biblical characters like Jonah, Samuel, Joseph and especially the woman who clung to Jesus' garment, hoping that she would be healed. These characters had one thing in common "faith": In exercising their "faith"; their lives were forever changed. In the middle of the night she was blessed under the Navel orange tree; she believes God's anointing will enable her to reach millions with his message of hope. This book is dedicated to that purpose.



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