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Of the Times and Seasons


Straub, Kevin

ISBN-13: 9781479607419

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Book Description

Four forty-year generations have entirely passed since 1844. Each one has failed to take hold of the high calling of being in possession of the third angel's message—the “last message of mercy” for a dying world. The delay in the return of Christ must not be charged to God's account, as though He is waiting for some celestial time clock to reach a pre-determined mark. Although God knows the day and the hour, He has been waiting for us.

As we look around us at the rapid deterioration of our planet and witness the increasing fulfilment of the signs of His appearing, we get a deep sense that we are getting very close to the end, perhaps even now entering into the time Jesus spoke of as “the beginning of sorrows.” Are we—the first generation of a new cycle of four—that generation that will see the close of probation, the time of trouble, and the return of Christ? Are there any Bible and Spirit of Prophecy evidences that point to it? Read the first section of this book!

In the second section, we take a panoramic view of the history of the movement, giving an understanding of the causes of the long detour into the wilderness travelled by the professed people of God. The prophet Joel points to a story that must be told—a story of the wasting of four generations (Joel 1:2-4). It is important that we hear this story. If we do not know our history as it is, we will continue to perpetuate its mistakes. The message of this book is an alarm clock set to arouse God's people in the final moments of earth's history. It is sure to shake the reader. Accept it or reject it—you won’t be able to ignore it!



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