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Daughters of God and Sisters of Jesus


Bell, Pearl T.

ISBN-13: 9781479607686

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Table of Contents

Dedication. 5

Acknowledgement. 7

Preface. 9

Introduction . 11

January. 15

February. 51

March. 81

April . 123

May. 163

June. 201

July. 241

August. 283

September . 323

October. 361

November. 405

December. 447

Bibliography. 495

Book Description

Daughters of God and Sisters of Jesus is a devotional book and labor of love from Pearl T. Morgan-Bell. Born from a Spirit-filled passion for enlightening ladies about their divine identity, potential, and royal significance in God’s eyes. God’s princesses can achieve anything they set their minds to, armed with spiritual insight and humble determination, especially if they do so with the chief aim to bring glory to their Father and to bless those around them.

Bell’s devotional entries express compassion and empathy for women and the myriad of challenges facing them, given the natural, social, and divine responsibilities often entrusted to them by default. Women take on a variety of roles in their lifetimes, and often they do not see the value and fruit of their labors.

Sharing wisdom from the Scriptures—various women in the Bible and passages on women’s virtues—as well as famous historical and current examples of ladies who have made and are making notable, positive changes in their communities, as well as being a far-reaching influence in the world. Dr. Bell takes care to remind them of their indispensable worth and gives them tools and principles to guide, strengthen, focus, and encourage them on their journey.



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