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Stand Up for God: Biblical Principles Learned in a Military Career


Imhof, Michael

ISBN-13: 9781479608478

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Travel with Commander Michael Imhof around the globe and learn about what it means to Stand Up for God. The former U.S. Navy SEAL shares his many experiences including Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, being HIJACKED in Southern Lebanon, assignments at SEAL commands, and working with officers from the Soviet Union. These vivid stories, plus many more, will show the reader what it's like to be a fearless Christian in a sinful and selfish world.

Commander Imhof, possessing a Naval Special Warfare designator, has served his country in numerous positions. Assignments include Platoon Commander, Training Officer, Operations Officer, Staff Officer, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer. He has used each of these opportunities to shine the light of God to those in darkness and invites us to share in this journey—a journey that is not always easy, but always rewarding.

His material is concise and written in simplicity and clarity.



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