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The Blessings of a Single Parent


Bethea, Maxine

ISBN-13: 9781572584976

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Family Background
Chapter 2 - Educational Background
Chapter 3 - New York City: My New Life
Chapter 4 - Shaken, But Blessed
Chapter 5 - Educating My Children God’s Way
Chapter 6 - Blessings of Ministry
Chapter 7 - Power of Fasting and Prayer
Chapter 8 - The Death of My Parents and My Brother
Chapter 9 - Coming Home
Chapter 10 - The Pine Forge Academy Experience
Chapter 11 - It’s My Turn Now
Chapter 12 - Florida Part 2: Home Once Again
Chapter 13 - Final Statement for the Single Parent

Book Description

It is hard enough raising children with two parents in a household, let alone one. Being a single parent requires perseverance, dedication, and a reliance on God and His providence.
After getting married and having four children, Maxine Bethea soon found herself thrown into the role of a single parent. Financial struggles, schooling options, and work choices were just some of the challenges and opportunities that Maxine had to face. Fortunately, her faith was strong, and she relied on God for strength and guidance. Along the way, she touched lives and made a difference in the community. Blessings of a Single Parent provides a unique glimpse into the life of a single parent who partnered with God to turn lemons into lemonade!

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