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Healthy Clothes Closet, The: Ten Principles for a Woman’s Wardrobe


Smith, Jean-Marie

ISBN-13: 9781479608430

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Table of Contents

Introduction. . .1

Chapter One Protection from the Sun . . . 3

Chapter Two Keep Cool with Proper Clothing. . . 13

Chapter Three Keep Warm with Adequate Clothing . . . 22

Chapter Four Dressing for Healthful Circulation . . . 28

Chapter Five Honor Your Feminine Organs . . . 36

Chapter Six Footwear that “Kills“ Your Feet . . . 45

Chapter Seven Posture and Purses . . . 52

Chapter Eight Fabrics for Health . . . 62

Chapter Nine Cleanliness and Toxins. . . 74

Chapter Ten Complexion, Colors and Cosmetics . . . 82

Conclusion. . . 90

Bibliography. . . 91

Book Description

The Healthy Clothes Closet: Ten Principles for a Woman's Wardrobe will help answer the perpetual question, “What shall I wear?” This information-packed book will provide women with practical applications of principles of health in relation to clothing selection, including the best choices for healthy footwear and even purses. The Healthy Clothes Closet also contains details of the health effects of fabric options, and issues regarding fabric care and well-being. Color selection and its influences on wellness is discussed, as well. The impact of garments on circulation and body temperature in varying weather conditions is included in the book, as well as a discussion on clothing's value for sun protection. Menopausal women experiencing hot flashes or temperature discomfort will find specific tips for apparel. Winter or summer, or anytime in between, there are healthy ideas for a woman's wardrobe!

Using the Ten Commandments from the Bible as the foundation of each chapter's health principles, physical applications for clothing and health are then expounded upon from the commandments' far-reaching implications. A variety of health professionals' recommendations and research is quoted throughout the book to provide the reader with reliable information. The Healthy Clothes Closet is a comprehensive guide for the health-conscious woman who desires to look and feel her best!

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