False Tongues of Fire: A Personal Testimony

by Jewell, Betty

Chapter One

According to God’s Word, when ever we pray, the Holy Spirit, with groanings and utterings interprets our prayer requests to a pure, perfect Holy God. The Holy Spirit, with unerring accuracy, knows exactly the mind of the soul’s request and can speak in heavenly language.

Jesus left us an example of His prayer life, instructing that his disciples address, “His Father” as “Our Father” which art in heaven.” The disciples had spent three and a half years with Jesus and knew his habits, especially that of his prayer life. Often He would rise early before daybreak and seek His Father alone, quiet, without any interruptions. To seek His Father in prayer was His greatest joy, for He had come from Heaven and knew His Father, personally. Knowing his own father intimately, it wasn’t necessary for Him to speak in an “unknown tongue.” Jesus spoke Hebrew and His Father, the author of all languages, understood.

After His resurrection, Jesus met with his disciples several times, and upon his last meeting He commanded them to remain in Jerusalem and wait for the promise of the Father, saying they will be baptized not with water, but with the Holy Ghost. (Acts 1:4, 5). They waited as commanded. During this period of time, they prayed. All were in one accord, as their minds, souls, and hearts were with the One whom they loved and were knit one with another. Suddenly, as the sound of a mighty rushing wind, the Holy Spirit filled the room, and “tongues of fire” sat upon each of the disciples signifying that the Living God was among them. They were filled with His Holy Spirit, qualifying each to be a mighty witness for Him, and they spoke in “other tongues” as the Spirit gave utterance. It was the yearly Jewish Passover celebrated by Jews having traveled far from their own home lands. They were from many different countries and spoke different languages other than Hebrew. They had traveled great distances to keep this special holy feast, centuries old. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ had taken place prior to this yearly feast. Must these Jews leave not knowing about the great sacrifice that had taken place, nor learn about the true Messiah and the message of salvation? The prophecies had been fulfilled, Jesus had come, and now everyone should know!

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