God Will Not Close His Ears to Our Cry for Help

by Young, Caline B

The Breath of Life is a
Gift from God

We have an excellent reason to be thankful to God every day, because we are using His breath to do our duty, which is to pray and ask God for help (James 1:5). Without oxygen (breath) as a life support, we would lie still, and we wouldn’t have any knowledge or movement (Eccles. 12:7).

It is my opinion that God hears our every word. But to speak to Him directly in prayer would send part of His breath back to Him. It is a perfect way to contact God. Surely He recognizes untarnished words that we speak in His own breath (Job 27:3, 4).

Through Jesus We
Keep the Good Faith

By the mighty power of God He can make the mountain rise (Matt. 19:26),

And the Ancient one of days can appear in the skies.

Intact He keeps it all;

His foundation does not fall.

He turns the blue sky into white across the mighty plains,

And all the colors remain the same without a naughty stain.

He is the greatest of the loyal.

He began us from the soil (Gen. 2:7).

He knows the will of every heart

And sees our thoughts before they start (Rom. 8:27).

I want to be in His command;

O by His grace I can.

We must focus on His grace,

And through Christ we keep the good faith (Eph. 2:8).

These Three are One

The Holy Ghost, the Father, and the Son—

They all are one (1 John 5:7).

They are and will forever be;

O let Them just remain in me.

The Son feels the rays of comfort that come from the Father (Luke 4:18), knowing that His Father is satisfied with Him gives Him strength. The heavenly Father delights in the Son’s obedience (John 5:19-21) and gives Him a mastermind intelligence.

The Holy Ghost gives words to our mind if we are obedient to the Lord. The Holy Ghost comes within to give perfect movement to the whole body and to keep our whole being in comfort. It is a perfect balance of content—a feeling where there is no complaint or discomfort (1 Cor. 6:19, 20).

The Holy Ghost, the Father, and the Son—

These three are one.

They are and will forever be.

O let Them just remain in me.

The Lord is
Accompanying Me

O Lord, if I was perfect, I would solve the problems of women and men.

But I am not, so here I live within.

Within my body I decide where I’m going and what I want to do.

It is like living without the people around you.

I’m tired of living alone in this body of mine.

If You are there, Lord, please keep me in line.

I’ve wandered over so much ground,

But a friend within I have not found.

Stand back outside, troubles that focus on me.

Leave me on my own; let me be free.

The Lord is accompanying me,

Though it seems that I’m alone.

Look at the evidence—then it will be known.


A child had an assignment that had to be exceptional in order to pass to a higher grade at the end of the school year. I helped this child to make up a poem. The child read it to the class. The teacher sent the child to read it to the principal. The principal told the child to read it on the intercom so that everyone in the school could hear it being read. The child received good comments and did pass to the next grade. The poem was entitled, “I Was Lost One Day.”

I Was Lost One Day

You’d believe that I’m sad to leave this place if you knew that at suppertime I say my grace.

I was lost one day; then the next day I found my way.

I was glad to come here, but my worries stopped my fear.

I did not care, because I made a plea, and my parents didn’t hear.

I was lost one day; then the next day I found my way.

As the clock ticked away, I wasted my time.

Glad to awake soon enough to reach grade nine.

Please forgive me for being unkind.

God will leave the ninety-nine that are safe and come to find the one that is lost (Matt. 18:12).

As a thousand years to God is only one day (2 Peter 3:8),

I’ll still have time to find my way.

Please Answer My Prayer

The bright stars and the moon in the sky caused the night to be as light as a cloudy day. I knelt on the floor beside my bed and looked across the yard through my window as I began to pray.

I should have known then, as I know now, that the devil is at the root of every evil, bad, and sick situation. When my parents uttered loud, angry words and my father argued so fiercely, I was afraid that he might hurt my mother.

“Dear Lord,” I prayed, “my father is angry at my mother. Please, God, don’t let my father hurt my mother. If You will just let me know that my mother will be all right, I will lie down. I will go to sleep, and I will rest peacefully. Please, God, answer my prayer. Let me know somehow, in some way, that my mother will be OK.”

After a short time of begging God to answer me, the Lord enlightened my eyes well enough for me to see a large wing sheltering the whole yard. It had not been there before, so I figured the Lord had caused me to see it. That, to me, was an answer to my prayer.

The sound of laughter awoke me at midnight. My mother and father were in the kitchen, the same place where they had argued. They were having a happy conversation.

Death is Real

(Genesis 5:5, 9:29; 23:2)

I never thought my mother would die, even though she was always telling me as I was growing up that everyone has to die.

I stood outside the examining room, unable to speak, after the doctor came out and told me that they could not cure my mother. I cried—yes, I cried a lot. I could not believe that my mother would die. Every opportunity I had alone, I prayed for my mother’s recovery. When I prayed, I visualized her drifting slowly toward the ground. I wouldn’t face the fact that she was dying, even after seeing indications to prove it. I thought that I was being ignored by the Supreme Being. So I kept praying and thinking that I would get the attention I desired.

I was in so much pain when my mother breathed her last breath. In order to snap out of it enough to prevent myself from having a heart attack, I decided to keep a promise I had made to her as I bandaged her stomach after surgery. I joined an agency so I could be sent to help people who lived in their homes but were too sick to do all they needed to do for themselves. God has aided me many times while I strove to do this kind of work.

I Know He is Everywhere

(John 14:16-18)

When I’m outside among the trees,

I believe that God is in the breeze.

He is in the flowers and the air;

I know that He is everywhere.

Inside the house He is not away from me,

Also outside He will be.

I need God to comfort me when I am sad,

I need Him to say that I’m not bad,

That the way I feel is all wrong,

And soon He will make me forever strong.

O Lord, You know where I am and what I’m doing.

You are keeping me afloat

Without me letting You know by note.

Thank You, God; wherever I go You are there.

I am aware of Your presence everywhere!

You’ll Fix Everything
Just Right

Lord, it’s OK; You’re in charge.

We want to do whatever You expect of us.

But don’t let evil block the view—

We want to keep in touch with You.

You sent Your Son to die for us in order that we may be freed of sin.

You taught us that You exist.

You gave us the opportunity to trust in You.

Lord, it’s OK; You’re in charge.

End of preview.

Here is the Table of Contents of the complete book:

The Breath of Life is a Gift from God
Through Jesus We Keep the Good Faith
These Three are One
The Lord is Accompanying Me
I Was Lost One Day
Please Answer My Prayer
Death is Real
I Know He is Everywhere
You’ll Fix Everything Just Right
“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit:
for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”
Be Thankful
Jesus Saves
I Graduated
It’s a Man’s World
A Passing Grade
Lord, Let it Be for Me
Walking and Praying
Pray to the Father in the Name of the Son
Why Didn’t God Keep His Promise?
I’ll Obey in a Particular Way
My Reward is with God
Ultimate Power and Support
I’m on God’s Side
If I Don’t Expand, I’ll Ask for a Hand
A Warning to Help
I’ll Have to Mind Me
Lord, Please Help Me
How Will I Know?
The Earth’s Birthday Did Not Change
God’s Words are Important
Prayer is my Defense
Then Satan Will Leave Us