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Ben's Book of Miracles


Lippert, Ben

ISBN-13: 9781572588042

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: School Days
Chapter 3: Conflict at Home and Abroad
Chapter 4: A Miracle and Mr. Anderson
Chapter 5: Youth
Chapter 6: Bittersweet College Days
Chapter 7: Heartbreak
Chapter 8: New Beginnings
Chapter 9: Hardship and Angel Choirs
Chapter 10: Working for God, Rototilling to Pay the Bills
Chapter 11: Lay Evangelism Work
Chapter 12: My Weakness, God’s Strength
Chapter 13: Faith that Moves Mountains
Chapter 14: More Faith that Moves Mountains
Chapter 15: Ripples on the Water

Book Description

In the cold north country of Alberta, Canada, Ben was born into a loving Christian home. Taught about God at an early age, Ben absorbed what he learned, and at 2 1/2 years of age, Ben was known as the little preacher. For the next three years, he lived up to his nickname as he would stand on a chair in a room full of people and "preach" and sing. Ben's Book of Miracles chronicles the life story of Ben Lippert and the miracles God performed in his life and the lives of his loved ones and friends over the course of his life. From restoration of health after extreme illnesses to protection from deadly accidents, Ben has experienced God's guidance firsthand. Ben has always endeavored to share the love of God with others, and this book is an outpouring of that desire.

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