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Word in Nature, The


Sharp, Colleen

ISBN-13: 9781572587861

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Table of Contents

General Activities
The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life ... Story
How Hummingbird Learned To Be Happy
Being A Hummingbird ... Story
The Story Of Two Golden Eagles, Tristan And Folly Part 1 ... Story
A Tale Of Two Golden Eagles, Tristan And Folly Part 2 ... Story
A Little Drop Of Water ... Story
Clowning Around ... Story
Owl’s Riddle ... Story
Acknowledging All My Relations
About The Author

Book Description

It is often said that nature is God’s second book. The animals He created can teach us valuable lessons as we watch them work and play. But we have to search God’s Word and spend time in nature to appreciate what He has given us.
    The Word in Nature draws readers into the natural world and the Bible through imaginary animal stories with a lesson. Learn about Creation from Owl and Raven; learn about being content with who you are from Hummingbird; and learn about treating others with respect from two golden eagles named Folly and Tristan.
The book also features other animal stories and lessons to be learned along with family-oriented activities at the end of each chapter. As you spend time reading with your child, not only will you grow closer to God but you will also form a deeper bond with your child as you enjoy The Word in Nature together.

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