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Appointment With Death: Stop Blaming Adam


Jackie Shaffer, Sr.

ISBN-13: 9781479608232

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DEATH. It’s all around us and no one can escape it. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that we have to live with the results of one man's choice long ago in the Garden of Eden. In this book you will explore why Adam ate from the forbidden tree and you will embark upon a journey to an amazing truth. We tend to blame Adam for our “appointment with death,” but we must remember that the choice is ultimately ours to make. In this world of pain, suffering, and death we must learn to look to God as our Sustainer and thus we can appreciate all the more the sacrifice of His Son to save us.

In addition to humanity's appointment with death, this book also shares words of wisdom gained through many years of living and having faith in God through it all. Always remember to “take off fear and put on courage” and know that “your worth does not come from another person—it comes from your Creator.” He is there to lead you on this journey.

Finally, this experience is not only about what God shares with us, but what we can give back to Him. Sometimes we give money, sometimes we give things, and sometimes we give ourselves. All are important to God.



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